Save the Sea Turtles

SAVE THE SEA TURTLES! As a small restaurant costs can always be challenging but we feel this is an important one. We have made the transition to get rid of the plastic straw that is damaging to our environment and harmful to sea life. We have signed as a plastic straw free business! We are now using biodegradable paper straws and are given upon request. This is our 1st step into eventually doing away with the "bad for the environment" products.


Plastic Bags are Gone!

We said goodbye to the plastic straw now we are saying goodbye to the plastic bag! We now have paper bags! To help manage the additional costs in making these "better for the environment" changes, we will be asking if you need a bag for your TOGO orders as well as if you need utensils. We also welcome you to bring your own reusable bag. Another step in setting an example to make a difference by making changes to Save the Environment and Sea Life! 


Styrofoam is Gone!

As we continue our transitioning to use more Eco-Friendly products we have phased out of the use of styrofoam! Of course, we love for you to dine in with us but on those days when you need your Tiny Turtle fix TOGO, you can now enjoy your meal and know that you are not harming the environment.


Eco-friendly Transition

Here's a recap of our transition to making better choices for the environment. Of course, we love for you to dine in with us, but if you need to take our delicious Caribbean Fusion cuisine TOGO you can feel proud like we are that you are not supporting the manufacture of single use plastics and styrofoam. We chose paper and plant based products. As a small business, it can be challenging in making the changes but knowing you are not adding to the pollution is well worth it! That's why we share about small business, support local, support the Environment!